Individual Counselling

Is helpful for anyone who wishes to work through difficult experiences. Individual counselling can take many forms based on your needs and through assessment the best approach can be determined with you. Individual counselling can be used to provide helpful strategies to combat issues such as depression or anxiety as well as to reorganize and process difficult experiences.

Tele-Video Counselling

Allows for increased accessibility for counselling. This mode of counselling can be helpful for those who have more difficulty getting to office appointments due to, geographical location, hours of work that prevent in office appointments or family commitments that cause difficulty for individuals to attend in person appointments.

Therapeutic Play

Can be used with children from the age of three through the teenage years. The intent is to provide an opportunity for children/teens to process experiences in a way that is familiar to them. Children use their play skills to communicate their feelings in a safe way, and through play they gain a sense of control and mastery over their experiences. Therapeutic play can be facilitated through art, sand tray, puppetry, storytelling, among various other activities.

Family Counselling

Assists families to improve day to day interactions and overall functioning. This can include the need to adjust and reorganize boundaries, communication, and interactions between family members. The counsellor will seek information on your family’s beliefs, values and goals to determine the best approach. It can be helpful in response to challenges including special needs of a family member, recent changes to family structure including divorce, blended family issues, adoption, and changes that occur as children grow into their teenage years.

Group Counselling

Can be helpful for all ages to address challenges and difficult experiences. Groups are generally facilitated with 4-8 members depending on age and the focus of the group. Groups provided at Hopscotch Counselling include psycho-educative, art, and play based models.

Darcie Flanders MSW RSW

I have been a registered practicing social worker for 19 years and have had the opportunity to work with children and families in various capacities. As a case manger, assessor, and counsellor with experience working in government, healthcare, mental health and schools I am passionate about helping with a strengths-based perspective.

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